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A personal comment on a football related matter


Hasta la Vista Baby!!

For 27 years now I have followed Brentford FC through thick and thin.Though I wouldn't class myself as one of the current regulars,I still get to about 75% of matches during a season.
Recently,I decided not to attend any more home matches by way of a protest against the club's agreement in principal to ground-sharing at Woking FC in 2002.
I think I understand why the club have made this arrangement this early.I assume there are league rules in place dictating the club's course of action.
On the Beesotted web-site today,I notice that 30% of Bees fans said they wouldn't watch BFC at Woking while 40% said they would grudgingly.I feel that most Bees fans on the internet are keen followers but what of those who do not use the internet facilities?
This past weekend I have spoken to 18 Bees fans who are similar in their loyalty to me.Only one said he would definitely follow BFC at Woking;13 said categorically they wouldn't bother while the other 4 said it depends on when the new stadium would be ready.Incidentally 3 of the same 18 said they wouldn't go to Feltham Arena as Brentford should stay in Brentford.
People who feel this way are being blamed for holding the clubs ambitions back by club officials and fellow supporters.What absolute rubbish!
Brentford Football Club has traditionally had to sell its best players in order to survive.Many clubs are in the same position.Yet many of these clubs have utilised profits from such sales to develop their grounds to a level they are comfortable with.Although there have been minor improvements at Griffin Park,the ground remains virtually unaltered since the Royal Oak terrace was demolished!
The supporters club bar has been replaced with an elitist bar;former life-members of the supporters club find their memberships obselete as well.Is it any wonder that crowds have been falling since 1980!
Shareholders have been appeased by player sales but nothing has been put back into the ground and we all know about the legacy of the building of flats and the so called "Wendy House" stand.
Does Brentford Football Club really expect the same supporters to continue turning up at Griffin Park in the face of gross mismanagement over the last 3 decades,and probably before that?
Is it any wonder that fans refuse to visit Griffin Park when the club and its stewarding policies make one as welcome as a fart in a space suit?
I fully accept that some people at Griffin Park are trying to improve things and I understand that this takes time.
But the current efforts are being negated by poor marketing and public relations as well as a poor relationship with the media.
In the face of all this the team continues to grind out great results.Yet there were only about 3,000 Brentford fans at Saturday's game against Stoke City.
It used to be the loyal 5,000.Last season it was the loyal 4,000 and now it looks like its down to 3,000.
Perhaps I should be ridiculed for not attending home matches any more.But if my actions are the start of a campaign that keeps Brentford in Brentford then so be it.At least until something in writing about a new stadium is forthcoming.
25,000 stadium at Feltham?
Don't make me laugh!
I'd be much happier with a 10,000 modern facility at Griffin Park.Don't suppose that will happen now though as our only asset is the ground and any sale(say £6million)would have to pay off our current creditors(say £4million).
That leaves £2million....but in 2001 talk "you wont get a lot for that mate"!!!!

I think Griffin Park will be sold next season and we will be expected to trundle off to Woking.
Then starts the fight,a la Brighton & Hove Albion,to get back home.
Feltham Arena,at 25,000,wont happen!
Meanwhile gates slump to 2,000 if we are lucky and division 3 and beyond beckons!
For the sake of a few £tenners I think my protest is valid and justified!
Come on Ron.Sell the club,and retire to Spain,and get us out of this hellish scenario....NOW!!!!

Missing Griffin Park already....Love Chris!


Moving home can be so stressful!!
Woking FC on the right!



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